Discreet Mobile service – we do not arrive in a sign written vehicle

We correct the history in hidden modules and erase the hidden codes left in the vehicles Ecu’s. So you can be assured you are getting a premium service

When would you need this service?

There are several reasons as to why you may require mileage correction, for example if;

  • The battery was discharged and the vehicle required jump starting
  • The dashboard may have been damaged by flood/accident/vandalism
  • The dashboard may have developed an electrical fault
  • A new engine has been fitted

In these examples, the corruption of the information held in the EEPROM may mean the mileage displayed on the speedo is now incorrect.  You might therefore choose to purchase a second hand speedo and need the mileage correcting to reflect the true mileage the vehicle has covered.  Other typical problems may be a gauge has stopped working and you wish to replace the speedo again, needing the correction to display the true mileage.  Imported cars/vans display their distance covered in km perhaps you require a miles conversion.

The law… whilst it is not illegal for you to request us to correct the mileage of your own vehicle up or down…

It would step outside of current UK legislation laws if you knowingly sell the vehicle on, regardless of whether that’s at a profit or a loss, without informing the new buyer of the mileage correction you have had carried out.  If we suspect you may be asking us to carry out a mileage correction for illegal purposes we will refuse to work for you.

*Prices differ from vehicle to vehicle, dependent on the vehicle the method and equipment required to complete the job.

*Prices differ from vehicle to vehicle, dependent on the vehicle the method and equipment required to complete the job.

Audi A3 Repair Service

We also offer  Audi A3 speedo repair service, A3 non start? No center display or intermittent.

We can repair this common fault on site no fix no fee.


We bring all the diagnostic equipment needed to you and we will arrive in a non sign written vehicle.

We can attend at your home or place of work or even at your chosen garage, wherever the vehicle is that needs working on, we’re happy to attend. We have good working relationship with many garages in the north west,  Perhaps they have already recommenced us to you!

  • We make it more convenient for you
  • We are friendly and professional
  • We handle a wide range of diagnostic services
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
  • We get the job done right — the first time


How long should it take?

Correction work differs from vehicle to vehicle and requires diffrent methods, call to discuss.

What parts should be replaced?

We will fully advise on what will be needed and how best to proceed.

Will you arrive on time?

We work an appointment booking system and always keep to our diary we know its not nice to be let down.

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